Check this bunch out. They're great! Hopefully I'll be adding more friends when I feel like I have more friends.

Michael Gluzman

Michael Gluzman is a designer, filmmaker, and constant collaborator living and working
in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a badass production designer and art director. He’s also really

Samuel Baumel

Samuel Baumel is a freelance media consultant and producer living and working in New
York City. He’s a producer’s producer, is my business partner at Gravity Sleeps, and he
and I have lived in the same room for extended periods of time in the past.

Megan Finnegan

Megan is writing and directing a graphic novel I’m producing. She also makes custom
and luxury soap and clay box art amongst other crafty endeavors when she’s not battling
the AIDS virus at a research non-profit. She is also my girlfriend.

Dusty Wright

“Dusty Wright is a detective filled with zeal and excitement for finding new and
interesting things coming out of the changing world. His reports on these phenomena are
jewels.” –David Lynch

He’s also the former Editor in Chief of Creem Magazine and a former William Morris
Agent. We work together on a website, interviewing celebrities and making “Smart
Culture” audio and video podcasts. David Lynch is on our board of advisers.

Ed Bennett

Ed is the creator and former CEO of Vh1. He was also an Executive Vice President at
Viacom and the mastermind behind Prodigy. He runs his own amazing media studio in
the West Village, where I work and admire his soft furnishings.

Beau Stanton

Beau is an incredibly talented New York based artist, who is illustrating a graphic novel
I’m producing. He works as the painter’s assistant to famed pop artist Ron English.
He also organizes a multi-city pop-up group art show called the Mod Melange which I’ve
been fortunate enough to screen some video in.

Mike Mezzina and Ryan Savini

These guys went to film school with me. We made a lot of shorts together. They’re make
a lot of web content and have created a brand of humor all their own.

Sidarth Kantemneni

Sidarth runs a production company called DocHouse, Inc. He’s a sweet filmmaker with
some sweet gear. He’s worked on many a collaboration.

Nick Tecosky

This guy'll act in anything.

We've been lucky enough to have him in four of our short films which should be testament to how much we like him (and how much he likes torture). He's also an incredibly dedicated writer and has been hard at work with me on a project or two.

Dave Bruckner

Atlanta based filmmaker and one of the director's of The Signal (released by Magnolia Pictures). He's always up to something good (it would seem). He also gives pretty sound advice. Usually.

Impulse Features

Headed by Scott Berrie, Impulse Features produces thought-provoking feature films
across a variety of genres. They focus on original stories about characters that overcome
obstacles, taking us on transformational journeys. Impulse films are engrossing,
surprising and stirring.